War is over II

War is over 

by Ann Cathrin Frank 

The keyword, which will be presented in this part of the book, is called ‘War Is Over’ (W.I.O). It came up firstly in the famous Christmas song of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969, which has been produced due to an anti-war-campaign concerning the Vietnam War. Nowadays it is not only ‘just’ a song anymore, but it has earned fame as a clothing brand and worldwide campaign as well.

Music, fashion and a clean conscience! W.I.O tries to convince.

But what does this keyword really mean? At first sight it demonstrates for a world without war, pain, hunger and keeps on the fight for peace and a joyful, equitably life for everybody. It sensitizes mankind for this topic and has an immense power, because it is so diverse and offers many options to use it in fact. Not only the Christmas song or a print on shirts, but also simple posters or symbols can be used to convey this message, which is clear from the very beginning on.

Furthermore W.I.O. offers a great chance to start encouraging people to care about each other, not merely for ending the year with a clean conscience at Christmas time, but rather around the whole year.

War can be over – just a sweet fairytale?

In our contemporary society, there are always wars and fights taking place; or can you remember even only one single week, when there were no news about wars and clashes in media at all!? Isn’t it quite ironic, that almost every single person rates peace as one of the most important factors for a good life, but that there has never been a time of true peace? Past has shown that war can never be over, as long as people act egoistic and careless towards others. If all citizens, who are enjoying healthiness and financial security, would stop caring about the rest of mankind immediately, there would not be a chance for peace anymore. The scissor between poverty and richness is growing fast what engenders grudge and avarice. A deeply split society stands either for civil wars or discrimination, sometimes also for different religious or economical interests often. A great example is South Africa, a state, which presents both sides. On the one hand, there are districts where only rich

people live, enjoying a glamorous life, but on the other hand the country has a huge rate of criminality and an immense amount of poor people, who are living in smallvillages. South Africa is just one example for injustice, and a country, where the population is split up heavily. [http://www.socialistworld.net/doc/825 14.03.2015]

A second example for a split society out of other reasons is Israel, where different groups of society fight against each other due to religious issues. However, can a world become peaceful and equitable, when there are still countries fighting in civil war against themselves?

Starting a war, to fight against another war! A good idea?

Unfortunately civil wars are not the only kind of wars that are threatening today’s mankind. If you think about 9/11, the date which represents terror and war in one of

it’s most horrible facets, one can see that there is also a type of war, which includes not only a single country, but also the rest of the world instead.

Another, really current form of a war concerning world’s peace is the ISIS-conflict in Jordan, Iraq and Syria. The cruel procedure of ISIS occasioned the UN to discuss about solutions to stop genocide and terror. But what can be done against inhuman behavior and war nowadays?

Apparently every started war encouraged other states to join this war as well, to try to find back to peace. It does not seem like, that there are other ways to reach peace, even if it’s well known, that starting a war to stop another one, can’t be a good way. 

Yes, I wish for peace! But what can I do?

To be absolutely provocative and cynical: Sometimes wars, especially wars that are over, offer chances: They do encourage mankind that it is worth the fight for peace and they motivate to be active against wars. The cruel experience of war spells out, that peace gives more, than war takes. Even if some people don’t seem to share this opinion, there are still many organizations against war.

They try to inform about what is happening in the world and give advices. So if you want to become active against genocide, cruelness and injustice, inform yourself about wars, discuss about them and express your own opinion. Don’t let them pass by and ignore them! Of course, it seems really unrealistic that only one person can change the whole world, but e.g. there are a lot of petitions around, which are dealing with peace-topics as well. Together people can cause a change and have the chance to show politicians, how they think about the decisions they did, that led to war.

War is

Moreover ‘War Is Over’ is not a word, which is standing for its own. By analyzing the context it is pretty clear, that there are connections to other keywords and that W.I.O implies their meanings as well. “Merkelraute” is presenting strong political power, which can be used to bring peace for the world, while “Waterboarding” represents a form of war against other people by using torture. “Yolo” mirrors the opposite of people fighting for peace – the not caring ones, who don’t want to know, what’s happening somewhere else. And as long as we have wars on world, there is no chance for real “Freedom”.

Annotated bibliography:

1. This link leads to an online petition against U.S. and Israeli attacks on Iran to end the oppression of Iranian people. A short text explains that the United States and Israel see the chances to find a violent-free solution for the discussion about nuclear weapons shrinking and that there are preparations to legitimate a potential attack. By this date 223 people have signed the petition. I chose this reference, to show, that there are petitions against war around and also to give an example for a war, which includes the world and not only a country.


2. By following this link you will get access to a platform, which describes the ISIS-conflict really detailed and quiet impartial. The whole history of ISIS compromises rather a long text, but in return you will have a great overview about what’s the intention of this terror organization and about what has happened during the last months. It only focuses on ISIS itself, but not on other countries trying to stop them.


3. This website deals with the repetition of many countries towards ISIS cruel attacks. It explains, what single countries are about to do. For instance Great Britain will “[…] help arm Kurdish forces, support the Iraqi government, and keep supplying humanitarian help […].” Another example out of the text is Germany, who “[…] was sending military assistance to the Kurdish region […].” The article of CNN offers a huge overview about measures, which are seized to stop ISIS.


4. The text gives information about the gap between rich and poor in South Africa. Due to the text, South Africa has the second most “[…] unequal society […].” in the world. Furthermore it spells out, that children suffer the most from this inequality and that part of the population puts the blame for the gap on the judgment.


5. The survey describes and defines the most often, different reasons in detail (religion; revenge; ethnic cleansing). Furthermore it explains the necessary “ingredients” for having a war, which are enough money to defray the costs, and two parties fighting against each other. This source explains war pretty differential and focuses on many small aspects.



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