by Sandra Springborn 

Hello there,

My name is Crowdfunding. I am a new, global process of raising money, through the World Wide Web. „Crowd“ stands for the large number of people which are participating on the money raise through the internet. „Funding“ stands for the purpose of this progress, it is used to finance Things.

I first showed up between 2000 and 2010. I existed before, my old Name was Fund raising, but I needed an Update for the 21st Century, so I got this new Name.

I am a social and also an economical event, a new trend in which everyone works together, in form of investing money, to raise a fund, most of all raised for new, different products, which are, if I succeed, soon on the market. Furthermore I support new Bands, honorable offices or take care of the health care of people with bad diseases.

The most common way of participating in me is to visit my Platforms, where startup companies or new products are introduced so people can then investigate in them and profit from the success in the end or if it doesn’t work out they might lose the invested money. It kind of works like the stock market, just on a small more private way. In Germany there are for example these websites:,

I have to say this just for the record: These Websites are not 100% professional. Every kind of person is able to participate in me if they have internet access somewhere. This is why a lot of projects fail. Not every project has a good concept. Furthermore there is the chance that the concepts are miscalculated and need more money than they thought.

My most successful website on our world is:

This website has the specialty that the money just gets paid out to the company or entrepreneur of the startup product if the amount of needed money is reached. Even though Kickstarter is more professional, there are still a lot of people on the website, either make fun of me, by adding ironical ideas as „real“ products or just some people adding crazy projects meant to be serious. One example is a man who raised money for a movie in which he stares at the people for 30 minutes, because someone told him he had expressive eyes. His project failed, but some people did invest in it and it never failed to make me laugh:

Other ironical ideas are a book full of cat scans or a golden penis for business women to gain strength. In fact, this last idea really is on the marked by now.

1 2

What keeps me young and fresh is that I am happening all over the internet, you can even find me on the social networks. My „crowd“ is often build up out of Facebook and twitter users, like in the „ALS ice bucket challenge“ in 2014, which raised over 1.6 Million dollars in favor of the researches for medical help for the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In this gamification occurred to add some fun, which means, that my participators had to do a challenge before donating the money. At least that is how everyone did it, originally that was meant to be the punishment if you would not donate any money. But in the end this was seen as an experience and the main reason to participate. The challenge was to flip a bucket full of ice over your head. I was all over the social networks for a few weeks, even a lot of famous celebrities participated in me. I don’t want to brag, but… just watch the video:

The revolutionized and now popular version of me is something Vegans, digital Natives and even hipsters would support, because it includes all the new trends of the 21st century. The new Ideas, Projects and Products on my websites are a mirror for what our world wants and needs now and for our future. It can also be good, that these Ideas come from any kind of person. Creative Minds all over the world are able to show and may even produce their impressions of and for the 21st century. Due to my appearance on the internet it is now way easier to raise a large amount of money in a short period of time, to get the little ideas out there, find supporters and make it a bigger deal.

My word family works the same way, my aunt crowdsourcing for example works collectively in researches and that makes it way easier to get fast results, various in number and kind of information. She benefits just like me from a large number of people participating, which works best over the internet. I have also friends which are dealing with money on the internet just like me. Bitcoin for example is a payment system, which performs money transfers without a central billing office. It works over computer networks. Dealing with money on the internet gets more popular every day. The people are less afraid or maybe less aware of the safety problems, which come with leaving personal information on the internet. The internet is a normal part of the 21st century lifestyle. There are not only people dealing with money in a digital space there is also digital currency and even e-gold, the vitality allows borderless transfer-of-ownership. There is a trust in the internet like never before, it is the new way of communication. This may lead to a bad ending someday, but it also develops great things like me.

Now last but not least, experience what I exist for and take a look at some of the most funded Kickstarter campaigns:

xoxo Crowdfunding

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P.S.: If you just can’t get enough of me and want to get to know me even better, visit this website:, or click on the other sources.

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