Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence 

by Esther Stefan

The Keyword „artificial intelligence“ – which means the creation of an “automatic intelligence“ (as far as these two words work together) – is really important for our society in the 21st century. We all use artificial intelligence in our everyday life, let’s just see the most simple example: algorithms in research programms wich react on our former searches. This is why Artificial Intelligence connects almost all fears and hopes for the future of a whole generation.

Artificial Intelligence – to me these two words are connected to fear. This fear is not a precise fear but fear that feels like a subliminal indisposition. Some silent threat coming out of the world’s laboratories and universities. (

There is a book, “Astounding“, written in 1942 by Isaac Asimov in which the author invented the three laws of robotics. Just by looking at them you can feel the human’s fear of robotics (wich ist he simple idea of AI) in any way.


Even though people used to dream of having machines that do all physical work or storage all the knowledge human kind ever generated.

Since the word “intelligence” is not so easy to define, in this text the definition of Artificial Intelligence is reduced on a robot or simple computer which is so independent that it is more than simple technical reflexes.

It should react on and interact with its surrounding and by this it can come closer to human kind. Not just human-alike but similar and equal.

In this point a question appears that is important to human since we have imagination, religion and philosophy: What are we? Are our feelings just biochemical reactions (then it would be easy to re-build a human brain) or do we have some god-likely extra – a soul?

We are inferior to machines in a logical way but can we trump with our emotions?

In this point I want to recommend the program “cleverbot” (

Just try it out and see how fast you forget that you were talking to a computer.

This program refers to the Turing-Test, which was invented by Alan Turing to see if Computers can trump a human brain. To find out more about this, just check out the following video:

By coming closer to human kind in technical terms and the simultaneous mechanisation of our everyday life, this life becomes more facile but risky too.

Do we really want to take the risk of possible defects (which lead to huge blackouts)? Maybe a life without any hard works is more worth living! Isn’t a complete neutral and objective (and technical) government better?


If you’re interested in some more pros and cons of AI, click here to see a TEDx-talk:

How do we want to handle AI? Do we have to be afraid and wait for the day we have to subordinate human kind under robots or will machines never compete against “real life”? For everyone who wants to find out more about this topic, you can find more information on the website of the ‚American Association for Artificial Intelligence‘, .



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