by Annabelle Putscher 


What does this old school phone have to do with apps?! Not much you may think… I’m afraid you are mistaken!

This beautiful antique piece of technology is the grandfather of modern smartphones and therefore apps! Without smartphones there weren’t any apps today!

The Nokia phone had features like the amazing snake game, which we can now enjoy playing in an app or as a browser game. Do you want to bring back the retro feeling?

Try your luck!

Apps are a phenomenon of the 21st century. Since the smartphones were invented and apps could be used they have changed the whole digital culture and social life within the shortest time.

But what exactly is an app?

The word app is the short form of “application software“. Apps are self-contained programs that can be downloaded on web-enabled devices like smartphones. They provide the user with useful or entertaining content.

Apps customize your smartphone. There are apps for nearly everything! Apps can be personalized, they are interactive and enable you to connect and share your content with social media platforms. You can even do collaborative work with apps!

There seems to be something special about apps what makes them so popular.

So, what is the advantage of using for example Facebook via the app on your smartphone instead of using the web platform on your laptop?

Well, the app makes everything faster and easier.

Most importantly you always have the app with you, because you can carry your smartphone everywhere. It is small and handy, whereas carrying a laptop can be a painful. That means you can be online all the time and won’t miss anything your friends do and at the same time you can share your own content. With the integrated camera function you can take pictures upload them directly. Apps enable you to get even more engaged in a shorter period of time!

Nowadays there is a wide range of apps including navigation, cooking, fitness, controlling and even more as Lady Xeona would like to present to you:

Lady Xeona is a Digital Native, she uses smartphones, tablets etc. intuitively.

Apps have become a natural part of her and other modern people’s lives. A life without apps is no longer imaginable today… How could you survive in a world without apps and internet?


Imagine one day in a life of a Digital Native like Lady Xeona:

07:09 am: After using the snooze function one time she checks on new Facebook messages. Not to forget Twitter!

07:22 am: During breakfast the Digital Native checks WhatsApp. 37 new messages!

07:40 am: Bus ride to school. She takes some Snapchat pictures for her friends.

08:25 am: English lessons are so boring! Who else wants to play QuizClash?

09:00 am: Break. Time to check Instagram and talk about the newest selfies and food pictures.

01:40 pm:  Back home. Time to watch the next episode on Netflix!

02:30 pm: Homework… the Digital Native checks the assignments she wrote down in the Notes App. Quiet music from her favorite Spotify Account in the background.

04:00 pm: Done! New messages on Facebook or WhatsApp? Oh yes, all her friends wait for a reply!

07:00 pm: Mum and Dad come home and want to Skype with aunty. How practical that the the Digital Native has her tablet by the hand.

09:30 pm: Bedtime! But first she has to answer all her friends again, one last time for today!

During her day she only uses one device that replaces all old devices by apps.

Older generations instead had to use multiple devices like an old fashioned alarm clock with just one bothersome ringtone, a mobile phone, a radio, a TV and recorded movies, a heavy camera and a personal computer. They had to buy magazines, write letters and carry planners or notebooks with them. HOW unhandy!!

Only 90s kids will understand!


Do you want to belong to the cool people who use apps?

Here’s how to:

1      Get a smartphone. (A tablet will do as well)

2      Make sure you’re connected to the internet.

3      Go to the app store.

4      Download an app.

5      Use it!

If you need more help with your new device and how to use it, try one of these books 😉

And if that’s too basic, here are some facts about Apple’s App Store. Next time you talk to that know-it-all digital native he will be the one to be astonished!:

• The App Store was the first to be launched, in march 2008, about one year after the release of the first iPhone generation which was the first “smartphone“

• In 2013, more than one million apps were available in the App Store in more than 155 countries

• Apple receives 30% of the gains of an app, the developer gets the remaining 70%

• 2013 the App Store generated a sales volume of more than 10 billion dollars

You’re welcome!

Apps are great. Yes.

But there is also some negative aspects. For example your privacy.

And if you liked the oldschool devices better than apps, you are not alone.

See what David Lynch thinks about watching movies on a phone:

G E T    R E A L  😉

Annotated bibliography: 

1. In case you want to play even more retro games on your smartphone, have a look at these wonderful apps

2. How do apps influence our lifestyle? Read this article to find out:

3. See what happens when people have to live without their smartphones for four days:

4. Which apps are most used on smartphones and tablets in the UK?

5. Do you want to create your own app? It’s easy!


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